How To Organize A TaylorMade 14 Slot Golf Bag

If you bought a TaylorMade 14 slot golf bag and are looking for the best way to organize it, you have come to the right place.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about organizing your TaylorMade 14 Slot Golf Bag.

How to Organize a TaylorMade 14 Slot Golf Bag

Organizing a 14-slot golf bag requires careful consideration of the equipment and accessories you want to carry.

Once you have a clear idea of all the things you want to keep in the bag, lets start organizing your TaylorMade golf bag. Before you go step by step, here are some of the best possible combinations you can use in your TaylorMade 14 slot golf bag.

Required Items

Here are the items you need before starting the organization process:

Golf Bag :

You need a 14-slot TaylorMade Golf Bag to store all your items. There are several options that you can choose from. So take your time and choose a TaylorMade golf bag that works best for you and your budget.

Golf Clubs :

Collect all the golf clubs that you want to keep in the bag. Clean them and put them next to the golf bag.

Additional Accessories :

Collect the extra accessories such as gloves, water bottles, towels and other equipment you want to keep in the bag

Step by Step Guide for Organizing a TaylorMade Golf Bag

Skip Step 1 And 2 If You Have Bought a New TaylorMade Golf Bag.

Step 1: Empty the TaylorMade Golf bag

If you have been using the golf bag for a while, you should empty it first. You need to remove all the contents from the bag without leaving anything behind.

In addition to the club compartment, empty all the pockets as well, once you have cleared the bag lets move on to organizing it.

Emptying TaylorMade Golf Bag

Step 2: Clean the Golf Bag

If you are using an old bag, clean it first. When the bag stays in storage for too long, a lot of dirt and dust will accumulate inside. The dirt will collect inside the bag and start to damage the interior of the bag.

You can clean your TaylorMade golf bag with a damp piece of clothing. Wipe the dirt from the inside and outside of the bag until it is completely clean.

Avoid using cleaners with harsh chemicals as they can ruin the color of the bag. A simple damp cloth should be sufficient to clean the bag.

Cleaning TaylorMade Golf Bag

Step 3: Organize Gear & Accessories

You need to gather all the essential gear that you want to keep in the bag. You need to figure out how many clubs and golf balls you will need for the day.

On average, you can get by with about 8 to 12 golf balls per day. And for tees, you can carry about 30 to 50.

Also, gather the items you want to keep in the bag and categorize them before you put them in the bag.

 Organize Gear and Accessories

Step 4: Arrange the Golf Clubs

Once the bag is clean, you need to start storing the golf clubs.

  • Woods and Drivers

First, put all your woods and drivers in the bag.

Since drivers and woods are the longest clubs in a golf bag, put them in the back of the bag.

You need to arrange your golf clubs from left to right, after placing the drivers in the back you can place 3 woods and 5 woods next to them, now your back part of the bag is complete.

This arrangement is not always the same, it can changed depending on the clubs you carry, but most of the time the woods in the back row of the golf bag and are arranged in the pattern from left to right.

TaylorMade Wioods and Drivers
  • Wedges

Wedges are also very important as golfers usually carry 2 to 4 wedges in their golf bag.

These will go in the front row from left to right. As these clubs are the shortest in your golf bag.

Usually, these wedges are used for short distances and more accurate shots in golf. There are different types of wedges, they can be arranged as pitching wedge in the first, then comes the gap, sand and in the end lob wedge.

Note: Compared to the other clubs, the wedges are sharp. If you place them in the back of the bag, they could damage the shaft of the other clubs in the bag.

TaylorMade Wedges
  • Irons

After woods, drivers and wedges, it’s now the turn of the irons.

Now you will notice that the first opening of the bag in the left corner is free, this is the place where you can put your longest hybrid or iron, after that you can move on to the other irons and place them according to the number, I recommend from the smallest number to the larger numbers.

It is best to place all the clubs in a specific order so that whenever you want to use them, you can easily remove one of the clubs.

Note: Put the rackets back in the same compartment you took them out of so you can keep your bag organized each time you take your club.

Taylormade Irons
  • Putter

Some TaylorMade 14-slot golf bags provide a dedicated space for the putter. If that space is not available, you can store it next to the lob wedge on the front.

Keeping the putter separate from the clubs will make it much easier for you to access. When placing the putter, you need to consider your preference when placing the capacity of the golf bag.

 Taylormade Putter

Step 5: Place Additional Accessories

Most TaylorMade 14 slot golf bags offer many pockets for storing various accessories. You need to take into account the available storage space and place the accessories in the designated compartments.

For example, it doesn’t make sense to put water bottles anywhere but in the water bottle pockets. Similarly, tees, ball markers, and the divot repair tool belong in their designated compartments.

Now you have learned all about arranging a 14 slot TaylorMade golf bags, it’s time to start arranging you bag to play according to wards, Also if are not satisfied by the bag you buy and dont know which one to buy you can check out Finding the right golf bag.


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