How to Arrange Golf Clubs in your Golf Bag? Tips for Beginners

Proper organization of a golf bag is what differentiates an amateur golfer from an expert. 

A lot of beginners make the mistake of putting golf clubs unattended in the first spot. Being aware of the exact location of the clubs in the bag can give you an advantage over the competition.

So, once you have purchased a best golf bag for yourself, you need to start arranging it every time before stepping into the golf course.

A well-organized golf bag helps you protect your clubs during the travel. It can also make it easier to organize your accessories all in one spot.

How to Arrange Golf Clubs in your Golf Bag? Tips for Beginners

1. Empty the Bag

Arrange Golf Clubs in your Golf Bag

It’s recommended to take everything out of the bag and evaluate exactly what you need to put in your bag. 

Make sure you take out items from the side pockets of your bag, too. You’ll be shocked to discover how many extra items can weigh down your golf bag. 

Things like golf clubs, gloves and towels are prime examples of this. Make sure to clean out the contents of your golf bags so that the organizing process is more effective and efficient.

So, don’t forget to empty your standard or Hybrid Golf bag before arranging it for better organization.

2. Gather Essentials

Gather Essentials

After assembling your equipment, you’ll have to decide which items you’d like to keep in the bag. 

To make it easier look over the surroundings for your next golf tournament. For instance, what is the weather on the course? If it’s sunny you’ll need to take off your raincoat. And if the weather is rainy, then you should go with Waterproof Golf Bags for the day.

Similarly, based on external conditions, decide on the items that you should take with you on the golf course.

3. Organize Your Putter

Organize Your Putter

The best golf bag has three separate parts. The front of the bag is farther than the backside. While the backside of the bag is the closest to its strap.

It is recommended to organize the putter on the front side. You should place the putter at the back of the bag which is located closest to the straps. 

Certain golf bags have putter sleeves that sit at the bag’s back. You can put the putter inside the back of the bag if your bag isn’t equipped with this feature. Titleist Golf Bag products offer you separate space for keeping your putters which makes things simpler for you.

4. Woods & Drivers

Similar to your putters, you should store your woods and drivers at the rear of the bag. 

Be aware that if your golf bag doesn’t come with putter compartments, you can store them on the backside of the golf bag. You can place your golfer in the middle portion and place the woods to the right.

If you’re trying to get your golf bag organized, you’ll need to move from the longest clubs to the shortest. This is important for people who own Cobra Golf Bags or the bags from some other popular brands.

Irons between 1 and 3 should be kept in the back, to avoid confusion with smaller clubs. Maintaining the back portion of your bag tidy helps those carrying the bag’s front to stay organized.

5. Middle Irons & Short Clubs

Middle Irons & Short Clubs

The remainder of the clubs between three and seven are long to mid-range irons. It is recommended to put these clubs underneath the driver’s bag. 

To keep them in order, start with the longest set of clubs, and close with the shortest set. You can read the instructions for organizing irons and clubs in TaylorMade Golf Bags.

Put your large to mid-sized irons left to right. This will help you balance your golf bag while traveling. Sorting it in this manner makes it easier to select the clubs you require. Keep the irons neat and you’ll be much less difficult when you’re ready to play starts.

Keep the clubs you need for your short game as well as wedges at the back in your bag. This includes eight and nine items as well as any wedges that you may have in your arsenal. If you own any pitching wedges or sand wedges, you can place them in the middle of the irons.

6. Other Accessories

Golf Accessories

You should get a golf bag that offers pockets on the sides of your bag to store your most frequently needed things. Make use of the top and front pockets to store your ball marker or tees as well as spare balls. The place they are in will make it easier to access and use.

Put your less frequently used items such as sunglasses and rule books or gloves in the pockets on your side. Some Cheap Golf Bags only allow space for essentials so might not be able to store a lot of accessories in them.


To sum up the discussion, the organization of your golf bag is a crucial idea. It lets you keep everything in order and makes it easy to carry around during games. Being organized does more than improving your playing experience, it also helps keep the thing in order.

Although most people don’t realize the advantages of organizing a golf bag, you’ll be able to have an easier and faster experience when finding your golf clubs. 

Getting your golf bag organized is one of the very first things that you need to do towards becoming a better golfer.


  • Belof Joza is a super passionate golf player and loves to review golf products. His keen interest and expertise over golf items has been helping online community for years. He is a full-time golf bags reviewer at Best Golf Bags and has been contributing his knowledge on regular basis.

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