Can Golf Stand Bags Be Used on Carts?

Yes, you can use a golf stand bag on a cart. But we recommend going for a bag designed for a golf cart for a better experience.

Although the golf stand bags have almost the same design and features like a golf cart bag, you should know that a stand bag won’t sit securely on a golf cart.

This is because a stand bag is going to have a different kind of shoulder strap and it might not even have a mechanism for placing the bag on the cart. 

As a result of that, the bag is going to keep moving a lot as you drive around the golf course. This is going to mess up your items in the bag. 

A golf cart bag on other hand offers the features that allow you to set the bag up in a secure way. When you do that, there is no rattling of clubs, and you can move around peacefully knowing that all your items would be completely safe.

What is a Golf Stand Bag?

Stand Golf Bag
Stand Golf Bag

A golf stand bag is a golf bag that comes with a kickstand. These bags are designed to stand on uneven terrains. They have a strong base, and you can carry them around on your shoulders on the golf course. 

A golf stand bag is generally cheaper. You can buy a golf stand bag from any popular golf equipment brand. Stand bags are usually lighter in terms of weight as compared with cart bags. You can check out our review for the best stand golf bags to find quality stand bags for a great golfing experience.

What is a Golf Cart Bag?

Golf Cart Bag
Golf Carts Bag

A golf cart bag is designed to be used on a manual or electric cart or a trolley. Cart bags are heavier than most stand bags and they are not meant to be carried on shoulders. 

Since you use a cart to carry these bags, there is no pressure on you when using a golf cart bag. Also, most of these bags can’t stand straight and they stay inside the cart. You can set these bags up in your golf cart and then use the bag as you play golf.

What are the Differences Between a stand golf bag and a cart golf bag?

The primary difference between a stand bag and a cart bag is that a stand bag comes with a stand. The stand consists of legs that you can use to set the bag upon any kind of terrain. 

A golf cart bag on the other hand doesn’t feature the legs. It comes with a cart-friendly design, and you can’t use the bag outside of the cart. Although there are some hybrid golf bags, they are quite expensive. Using these bags is going to cost you a lot of money.

Along with that, a golf cart bag is often heavier than a stand bag because you carry these bags on a golf cart.

Stand BagCart Bag
Lighter than cart bagHeavier than typical stand bag
Easy to carry while walking the golf courseNot recommended if prefer to walk the golf course
Backpack-style shoulder straps for even weight distribution across shouldersTypically equipped with only one shoulder strap

Wrapping Up

If you are on a budget, then buying a golf stand bag would be a cheaper option for you, rather than a cart bag. And if you feel that the bag that you have purchased is heavy, you can use it on a golf cart. Most professional golfers prefer using a golf cart as it saves them the hassle of carrying the golf bag on their shoulders.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions regarding golf bags. Also, check out our website for our recommendations for the best golf bags for every need.z


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