Top 10 Waterproof Golf Cart Bags of 2022

Golfers are notoriously obstinate and with good reason. They’ll play if there’s even a glimmer of hope that they’ll be able to perform at their usual level. They have fun in the heat, the cold, and even the rain. As a result, we require bags that are as steadfastly unflappable as they are.

If you play rounds on a regular basis and are committed to getting your time on the course, you’ll need a durable and adaptable golf bag. If you’re a serious golfer, you should avoid bags that are too inexpensive, too large, too clunky, or too heavy.

You want enough slots for all of your clubs, but you also don’t want to be fumbling around with a bag that’s either too big or too little for your cart. For heavy fog and even mild rain, you’ll also need a waterproof bag. We have listed some of the best waterproof golf cart bags in this article that you can buy in 2022.

Top 10 Waterproof Golf Cart Bags

1. TaylorMade Storm Dry Waterproof Cart Bag

TaylorMade Storm Dry Waterproof Cart Bag
Image Source : Amazon

  • Features 14 individual dividers
  • Includes 7 pockets
  • Offers a velour-lined valuables pocket
  • Features an adjustable strap
  • Lightweight and waterproof golf cart bag
  • Available in many different colors
  • The size of the bag seems a bit small

First and foremost, this is a light bag, weighing just a smidgeon over 5 pounds. Second, the 15-way top divider is strengthened with a durable material that we can only presume is some form of woven nylon and includes an additional deep well for your longer clubs.

This TaylorMade bag has a total of 7 storage pockets, as well as a towel ring and a couple of strategically positioned handles. This bag will easily fit in your pushcart or motorized cart.

It comes with a 14-way top with 3 full-length dividers and an integrated extra-large putter as a compliment. This Taylormade golf cart bag has a total of 7 storage pockets, featuring a velour-lined valuables pocket, 2 Garment pockets, a rangefinder pocket, an accessory pocket, a ball pocket, and a tee pocket.

A single shoulder strap makes carrying simple, and a comfy webbing trunk handle makes getting in and out of any vehicle simple. The 14-way top with a wide integrated putter well is extremely handy, and the lightweight waterproof fabric ensures that your possessions, even if you don’t, stay dry during the round.

2. Founders Club Franklin Golf Push Cart Bag

Founders Club Franklin Golf Push Cart Bag
Image Source : Amazon
  • Features 15 individual dividers
  • Includes 15 pockets for ample storage space
  • Comes with a solid push cart integrated base
  • Includes 9 zippered pockets
  • Lightweight and easy to handle golf cart bag
  • Doesn’t sit securely on the cart
  • Doesn’t stand well when filled with clubs

This golf cart bag is built to last with a strong pushcart integrated base that works with both riding and pushcarts. The Slotted Base keeps your bag and clubs secured to your pushcart securely.

When strolling in the rain with a pushcart, this bag also has a zipper compartment that holds a full bag and a club-length rain cover to keep your golf bag and clubs dry. You can also personalize your bag with your name, club logo, or company emblem using a zip-off pocket panel.

It has 9 zippered compartments, including an insulated cooler bag to keep your favorite on-course beverage cool, three front/ball/tee pockets, two long side expandable pockets for rain gear, and shoes two velour-lined side pockets with waterproof zippers for valuables, and an additional side pocket.

An umbrella holder, a D clip for golf towels and range finders, a glove holder, and a rain hood are also included in the bag. This 5.5-pound bag comes with five different handles to make getting it out of your car and onto your cart a breeze.

Two integrated sides and one integrated front grab handle, a bottom handle strap, and a rear grab handle are included in the bag. The single padded carry strap makes transporting your bag and clubs from your car to your cart more comfortable.

3. Ram Golf Waterproof Cart Bag

Ram Golf Waterproof Cart Bag
Image Source : Amazon
  • Includes a 14-way divider top
  • Comes with 9 spacious pockets
  • Fully waterproof design
  • The design is quite amazing
  • Durable build quality
  • The price seems a lot for the features

This Ram Golf bag would be a perfect choice for you if you need a more low-budget-friendly answer to rainy playing circumstances. There are nine zipped compartments in all, all of which are seam-sealed to keep water out.

The bag is made of water-resistant material that effectively wicks away rains. Also quite pleasant is the padded adjustable carrying strap.

A D ring for your towel or other goods, a convenient front spine handle, and a 14-way top divider are also included in this Ram Golf bag. There’s a soft valuables compartment, a dedicated ball pocket, an apparel pocket, and even a beverage and snack cooler pouch.

4. Outdoor-Master Padded Golf Bag

Outdoor-Master Padded Golf Bag
Image Source : Amazon
  • Affordable waterproof golf cart bag
  • Features the unique OTS system that covers the entire bag
  • Made with wear and water-resistant materials
  • Features wheels for easier transportation
  • Includes extra secure and stable cart straps
  • Doesn’t include a lot of padding
  • The quality seems flimsy

The 600D Oxford fiber golf cart bag has been improved to a top-of-the-line All-Round Padded protection that is both wear-resistant and waterproof. The reinforced cushioning material in this waterproof golf cart bag protects your golf travel bag with wheels from sudden impact during transportation.

It covers your golf club travel bag from wear and abrasion as well as provides sturdy protection from sudden impact during traveling. This golf bag is great for a full set of golf clubs, shopping bags, two pairs of golf shoes, towels, and other golf essentials. It is 55 inches (139.7 cm) long.

Golf travel bag with padding Foldable design allows for quick storage and transportation, as well as enormous storage and a spacious open zipper mechanism that is simple to open and close.

By including a shoulder strap, various handles, and a separate bag for golf shoes, the golf club travel bag was designed to meet a variety of scenarios. At the shuttle or bus station, the luggage is easy to carry.

5. Founders Club Waterproof Golf Cart Bag

Founders Club Waterproof Golf Cart Bag
Image Source : Amazon
  • Includes a 14-way divider top design
  • Comes with 9 pockets
  • Includes a rain hood to keep the clubs safe
  • Lightweight golf bag
  • Offers space for additional accessories
  • Many color options to choose from
  • The bag is quite expensive relative to other products on our list

Founders Club Waterproof Golf Cart Bag gives you further waterproof protection in this comfortable and ergonomic cart bag with all of the features and comfort. Seamless Waterproof Construction On wet days on the golf course, the sealed pockets, and snap-on rain hood keep your clubs and gear safe and dry which is a better option than waterproof golf stand bags.

The bag features 15 full-length dividers, including a front-access putter tube to keep clubs from tangling, as well as 9 compartments.

Two full-length compartments for garments, two side pockets for shoes and other gear, two Velour lined Valuables pockets, a front ball pocket, a front insulated beverage sleeve pocket, and an additional front pocket for tees are among the pockets. Glove storage, a D Clip, and an umbrella loop are among the many external storage options.

This bag weighs 5.5 pounds and has six separate handles to make it easy to get out of your car and onto your cart. It includes a single padded carry strap to assist you in getting the back of your automobile to your cart.

6. Powakaddy Dri Tech Cart Bag

Powakaddy Dri Tech Cart Bag
Image Source : Amazon
  • Features 14 individual dividers
  • Comes with 7 storage pockets
  • Unisex design that looks great
  • Includes easily accessible carry handles
  • Made with waterproof fabric with a 1-year warranty
  • Not many design or color options to choose from

In the most extreme weather, the PowaKaddy Dri Tech Cart Bag will keep your gear dry. It’s constructed of a lightweight Nylon fabric that’s waterproof to a whopping 10,000mm hydrostatic rating – in case you don’t know what that means, it’s a lot! This is also an extraordinarily light cart bag, weighing only 2.3kg, which is significantly less than the typical cart bag on the market in 2022.

The Dri Tech boasts a 14-way top divider and a wide putter well for those who appreciate ultimate club organization. The pockets are also quite large, so you’ll be able to fit a lot of gear in there.

The PowaKaddy Dri Tech has a sleek sophistication and looks excellent placed on a cart, even if its design isn’t the most striking. It also has PowaKaddy’s anti-twist Key Lock technology to keep it firmly in place during the round. Nobody likes messing with bag placement and straps when they could be concentrating on a challenging iron shot.

7. Callaway Golf Chev Cart Bag

Callaway Golf Chev Cart Bag
Image Source : Amazon
  • Comes with a 14-way top with full length dividers
  • Includes 5 front-facing pockets
  • Includes hook and loop glove attachment
  • Made with durable ripstop fabric
  • Lightweight golf bag
  • The size seems a bit small
  • Doesn’t contain a lot of pockets

The Large Capacity- 6 Way Organizational Top provides ample space for your golf clubs. Extra pockets at the top of the bag are for tools like golf balls and tees. You only need to gently push this cart bag to lift the golf club’s protective cover, integrated design, and all-around protection of your club.

Sizes up to 51 inches are possible. Walking is as simple as standing because the foot support remains open as required. It can also stand on its own. The side handle makes it easy to carry and move, and the smooth wheel makes it even easier.

It has extra features such as a waterproof zipper, umbrella holder, golf ball groove, towel and glove storage, and a rainproof cover. You can simply place what you require at the desired location.

With a backpack-style shoulder strap, you can carry your belongings with ease. Shipping is made easy with side and bottom handles. The durable material and all-around protection can endure any wear and tear during transportation or use.

8. Cobra Golf 2020 Ultra-light Cart Bag

Cobra Golf 2020 Ultra-light Cart Bag
Image Source : Amazon
  • Made with premium quality polyester materials
  • Includes a 14-way top divider design
  • Includes 9 pockets
  • The design of the bag is quite amazing
  • Lightweight and waterproof golf bag
  • Stable base
  • The handles get stuck often
  • The bag cover quality is quite cheap

One of the biggest hits on our list is Cobra Golf 2020 Ultra-light Cart Bag. This super durable, durable, and versatile, Cobra golf bag provides stability, flexibility, and versatility to your entire home, family, or traveling.

Not only do you get a sturdy and functional design that keeps your golf bag safe and secure during flight and on the ground, but you also benefit from a robust, comfortable, and spacious design.

The cart strap pass-thru, which is a wide piece that allows your bag to stay firmly secured into either a push or a gas cart, is one of our favorite features of this bag. However, this will not obstruct any pockets, allowing you to access your full luggage while it is within.

There are 13 pockets in total, so make the most of them. It contains an insulated cooler compartment that can store a 12-pack of 12-ounce cans, making it perfect for those golf outings with the guys or gals.

Two enormous apparel pockets make it simple to keep your jacket or cap. Dual fleece-lined valuables pockets and a fleece-lined rangefinder pocket are also included.

9. Sun Mountain C-130 Waterproof Cart Bag

Sun Mountain C-130 Waterproof Cart Bag
Image Source : Amazon
  • Includes 14 individual dividers
  • Offers 9 pockets for keeping valuables
  • Made with water-resistant materials
  • The smart strap system makes it easier to carry the bag
  • Includes a rain hood as well
  • Available in many different colors
  • The bag is quite expensive

The club storage system has 14 separate slots where you can organize your clubs. This model includes a built-in putter well that is conveniently accessible. Three utility handles are located next to the putter slot, making grasping and transferring the bag from your car to your cart a breeze.

Two Velcro straps secure the bag to your cart, preventing it from twisting while you ride the course. There are 13 compartments total, including a newly updated rangefinder pocket with a magnetic fastening system for convenient access. When the bag is on the trolley, all of the pockets are facing front.

This Sun mountain bag has two clothing pockets, a ventilated beverage cooler pocket, and two Velour-lined pockets, one of which is water-resistant, are included. Your clubs will be protected by a matching cover when the weather isn’t cooperating.

10. Maxfli Honors Plus Golf Cart Bag

Maxfli Honors Plus Golf Cart Bag
Image Source : Amazon
  • Features a 14-way divider design, with 3 full length dividers
  • Includes 7 pockets
  • Comes with a putter well and lift assist handles
  • Cart strap keeps pockets easily accessible
  • Made with ripstop nylon fabric
  • Durable golf bag
  • Not recommended for pro golfers because of less storage space

This contains a 14-way divider to keep your clubs. To protect your irons, wedges, drives, and putter, the entire divider is padded. There are three full-length dividers that you may use to organize your clubs in any way you choose.

The bag is made of durable nylon that won’t rip and will last you a long time. This is the type of bag that you can invest in and use for a long time.

The pockets are accessible even when the backpack is strapped into the cart thanks to the cart strap channel. This bag has ten compartments, one of which is an insulated beverage cooler pocket to keep your drinks cool. Two spacious garment pockets are also included for storing your belongings.

You may use the towel ring to wipe off your clubs, but you can also use it to store your golf glove when you take it off or when it gets sweaty and needs to dry. You’ll be able to easily control the putter by grasping the top handles or the putter itself.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Waterproof Golf Cart Bag

If you’ve figured out which are the top golf waterproof cart bags available in the market, in the following section, we’ll look at the major characteristics or aspects that differentiate an excellent waterproof golf cart bag for golf from a poor one.

Here are some points to think about when buying your first waterproof golf cart bag:

Number of Dividers

The different bags have various numbers on golf club dividers. A cart bag with more divided areas is heavier, however, it offers the highest level of security to the golf club.

You can opt for bags that have 14 full-length dividers so that your clubs aren’t subject to any damage as you’re moving about in the green.

Number of Pockets

Pick a bag with many pockets that can hold everything you need. You should ensure that there are places for your golf ball, apparel towels, towels, accessories, and even a water bottle. The ideal waterproof cart golf bag usually has 5 pockets or more.

Select a bag with more pockets, and you’ll be able to spend longer on the golf course without worrying about dehydration or losing valuable items.

Shoulder Strap

The strap that you use to carry your golf bag needs to be able to be adjusted and sturdy. Bags that have two straps similar to backpacks are generally simpler to carry.

Two straps can distribute the weight of the bag equally which reduces stress and makes it possible to enjoy your time playing without straining your neck or shoulders.

Weight of the Bag

The heavier the golf bag the more difficult it will be to carry it on the course. It is important to think about the weight of your bag as heavier bags could limit your movement and use up more energy.

Bags that lighter tend to be more comfortable and let you play longer without feeling tired or exhausted.

Build Quality

Lastly, your waterproof cart golf bag should be made of sturdy legs that retract and high-quality overall materials. Bags made of low-quality frames of metal or plastic and weak leather or nylon pockets will not last.

Select a bag with the highest quality construction materials, so you won’t need to buy a new one every few months.


This is all there is to it! We’ve compiled a list of the top ten best waterproof golf cart bags in this article. We have conducted extensive research before presenting you with accurate and up-to-date information on specifications, benefits, drawbacks, and pricing of these products. So, check out the golf bags that we have talked about in this article and let us know what you think about them.


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