Best Golf Bags For Men

Golf bags come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and designs. Although most of the golf bags that you find out there have a unisex design, some of them are made specifically for either men or women.

For example, you can find the best golf bags for men, the best golf bags for women, or some unisex golf bags that work for both genders.

A golf bag is an essential item that you need to get if you want to stay organized while playing golf. These bags save you from a lot of hassle and assist you when you are planning your game.

If you are looking for the best golf bag made for men, then you are at the right place.

We have done thorough market research for the best golf bags that you can go for in 2022. We are going to share these products with you that you can check out. Let’s get straight to it and talk about the best golf bags for men that you can buy in 2022

Best Golf Bags For Mens

1. Powakaddy Dri Tech Cart Bag

Powakaddy Dri Tech Cart Bag
  • Features a 14-way top divider
  • Includes 7 storage pockets
  • Features the PowaKaddy Key-Lock anti twist system
  • Easily accessible carry handles
  • Waterproof fabric
  • Comes in black and silver color
  • The bag feels a bit heavy

For those who value ultimate club organization, the Dry Tech features a 14-way top divider and a spacious putter well. You’ll be able to fit a lot of goods in the pockets, which are also pretty large.

Even if its style isn’t the most stunning, the PowaKaddy Dri Tech has sleek sophistication and looks well on a cart.
It’s also equipped with PowaKaddy’s anti-twist Key Lock technology, which keeps it firmly in place throughout the round, nobody wants to be fiddling with bag straps and placement when they may be concentrating on a difficult iron shot.

The PowaKaddy Dri Tech Cart Bag can keep your gear dry even in the harshest weather. It’s made of a lightweight Nylon fabric that’s waterproof to a phenomenal 10,000mm hydrostatic rating which, in case you didn’t know, is a lot!
This cart bag is also extremely light, weighing only 2.3kg, which is much less than the average cart bag on the market in 2022.

2. TaylorMade Supreme Cart Bag

Powakaddy Dri Tech Cart Bag
  • Includes 15 individual full bag length club dividers
  • Features additional front facing pockets
  • Made with fade-resistant yarn dyed fabric
  • Includes a built-in putter protecting polymer patch
  • Comes with a split-side apparel pocket as well
  • The covers provided don’t match the design
  • The color fades with excessive exposure to sunlight

TaylorMade Supreme Cart bag stands out because of its awesome design and the incredible features that it has to offer. This bag is spacious as well as lightweight and easy to carry.

A split-side garment pocket, in addition to the front-facing pockets, keeps your phone, wallet, and keys out of the way of your shopping basket.

You’ll also receive a club cover to clip over the top to keep your club safe while on the road.
it has a shoulder strap that you may utilize to make it easier to carry. It’s clip able, so you can remove it once you’ve got it on.

There includes a cooler pocket that can be utilized to keep drinks. You can keep an umbrella in the holder for easy access. There’s also a wide range of colors to choose from.

f you want a TaylorMade bag with a lot of features that you’ll use, this is the bag for you. This has a separator that holds 15 different individual clubs, allowing you to slide all of your clubs in and easily locate them.

This gives you the flexibility to arrange your clubs however you like. It contains a total of 12 front-facing pockets.
You’ll have access to them while your bag is secured in the cart.

You won’t have to worry about it fading in the sun because it’s UV-protected and made of fade-resistant yarn-dyed cloth. This is why it is considered one of the best golf bags for men.

3. Yovital Golf Stand Bag 14 Way

Yovital Golf Stand Bag 14 Way
Image Source : Amazon
  • Includes 14 dividers
  • Comes with a detachable, padded strap
  • Features 8 pockets
  • Includes a stable kickstand
  • Durable build quality
  • Handle quality is subpar

Yovital Golf Stand Bag has been built to last a long time. It is made using High-density material that is splash-proof, rip-stop, and robust. It has a refined aesthetic, a long lifespan, and outstanding performance.

Overall, it’s a wonderful improvement for your old golf bag or for newbies who aren’t sure what they want in a golf bag.

This hybrid golf bag is easy to transport thanks to its Easy Carry System. Padded double shoulder straps provide a comfortable carrying system. The strap is very straightforward to put on thanks to the redesigned buckle.

This hybrid golf bag has four discrete wells for each club, allowing you to stay organized from beginning to end. This golf bag exceeds many others with 14 dividers and only 5 wells.

The integrated grip on the top cuff provides for easy access and maneuverability. There’s plenty of room in the 9 compartments, which include one full-length bag and a shoe bag, for everything you’ll need on the golf course.

It comes with a robust Kickstand for Extraordinary Performance. The stand or the PP bottom provide solid support. All these features enable you to concentrate all of your time and effort on playing golf.

4. Founders Club Golf Stand Bag

Founders Club Golf Stand Bag
Image Source : Amazon
  • Includes 10 dividers
  • Comes with 6 large pockets
  • Features anti club rattling technology
  • Lightweight and comfortable to carry
  • Includes an integrated grab handle
  • Comes with a 2-year limited warranty
  • Zipper malfunction issues have been reported
  • Number of pockets is not enough

This golf bag by Founders Club is great for professional golfers as it comes with six zipped pockets and one easily accessible drink sleeve. This helps you stay organized on the golf course.

One compartment has a full-length garment pocket, while the other has a watertight seam-sealed zipper to protect your belongings.

The well-padded dual-strap carrying system in this light stand bag effectively distributes the weight of your clubs as you navigate the course. It is one of the best waterproof golf stand bags because of its characteristics.

The bag is kept comfy against your body with a padded hip pad. Moving your clubs in and out of your trunk is a pleasure with the integrated grab handle and trunk handle on the bottom of the bag.

You can quickly access your clubs while on the course with a retractable stand. As a result, it is regarded as one of the top golf bags for men.

This golf stand bag is water-resistant and durable. This attractive bag performs admirably on a variety of levels. Due to seam-sealed zippers, it is waterproof, and the wider platform gives good stability on uneven terrain or on windy days.

You won’t have to worry about your clubs rattling and banging together as you walk with 13 molded spots to hold your shafts. There are 10 full-length dividers to keep your clubs from tangling, and your putter gets its own section.

5. Laisuntim Golf Stand Bag

Founders Club Golf Stand Bag
Image Source : Amazon
  • Comes with 4 dividers
  • Includes 6 pockets
  • Lightweight and durable golf bag
  • Made with waterproof fabric
  • Includes a stable kickstand
  • Easy to carry golf bag
  • Not ideal for professional golfers
  • Size seems a bit too small

The LAISUNTIM golf bag is a perfect blend of style, comfort, and functionality. This golf bag packs numerous features which make it a great choice for every golfer.

The 4-way dividers in this LAISUNTIM golf bag allow you to fit all of your golf clubs inside. Four waterproof zipped pockets and two open pockets provide adequate storage space for golf balls and other belongings in this golf bag.

The foot support stays open when you need it, and it can stand securely and balanced when you don’t want to get scratched. It can also stand straight on a plastic chassis.

Waterproof, tear-resistant, and long-lasting, the LAISUNTIM golf bag effectively keeps water and other fluids from penetrating. Its toughness helps it withstand more wear and tear during use, resulting in a longer lifespan.

For added convenience, this stand bag has a backpack-style shoulder strap. It’s easy to carry and move thanks to the side handles. The waterproof zipper on this golf bag is both functional and attractive. The padded hip pad keeps the bag in place against your body comfortably.

6. Category Fore Torrent 14 Hybrid Golf Bag

Category Fore Torrent 14 Hybrid Golf Bag
Image Source : Amazon
  • Features a 14-way top divider
  • Includes 8 large pockets
  • Comes with a detachable strap
  • Made with waterproof materials
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Some users have concerns about the durability of this bag

This golf bag is 6.3 pounds in weight. Carrying or pushing cart bag, strap channel, better carbon fiber titanium legs, inbuilt kickstand, and anti-slip feet are all included in the hybrid cart.

The 14-way top fits medium grips and jumbo putters, and each is perfectly lined to the bottom of the bag to prevent grips from gripping and wearing.

Carabineer for a towel is made of zinc alloy. The bag comes with a matching waterproof hood with dual front and back zippered entry for easy club access.

The 8-pocket design includes a large side apparel pocket, two mid-sized pockets, and two deep premium velour-lined valuables pockets, each with a bungee.

It also includes a carabineer key clip, separator for glasses and cellphone, insulated cooler pocket with rear drainage, ball/tee storage pocket, and a deep zippered scorecard pocket.

In all eight pockets, a bigger top-grade waterproof zipper with a concealed slot and rubber U pull is used. To ensure waterproofing, this golf bag is comprised of 420 denier Nylon with sophisticated thermo-plasticized coatings on all exterior and inner surfaces.

The bag coating is ultraviolet resistant, and the materials are cold/heat resistant, ensuring that temperature has no effect on bag elasticity.

The thermoplastic coatings on the bag are biodegradable and GREEN certified in California. This golf bag is made of strong, robust material and is one of the best golf bags for men.

7. Callaway Men St Hyper-lite Zero Golf Bags

Callaway Men St Hyper-lite Zero Golf Bags
Image Source : Amazon
  • Compact design with a 4-way top
  • Includes 7 pockets
  • Weighs less than 3 lbs
  • Features strong and durable carbon-fiber legs
  • Incudes a padded OptiFit comfort strap
  • Easy to carry
  • Zipper quality is not great
  • Not suited for professional usage

Callaway Golf 2021 Hyperlite Zero Stand Bag is a premium quality stand bag that is available in more than a dozen different colors. This bag is comfortable as well as fully functional.

When paired with the X-Act Fit strap system, the bag lays comfortably on the back, evenly distributing weight and keeping clubs stable. There are seven decent-sized pockets that will contain enough clothing and accessories for most occasions, while there isn’t as much storage as larger stand bags.

The Callaway Hyper-lite Zero stand bag is as light as its name implies, weighing only 1.3kg and making it one of the lightest golf bags currently available.

Despite its simplicity, it’s surprisingly long-lasting and resilient. Because of the ripstop fabric, we found the bag to be robust and durable. The OptiFit Comfort Strap, which is made of aerospace-grade foam, is a key component of this bag’s carrying system.

8. Founders Club Franklin Golf Push Cart Bag

Founders Club Franklin Golf Push Cart Bag
Image Source : Amazon
  • Features a solid push cart integrated base
  • Includes a zipper pocket as well
  • Spacious design
  • Includes 15-way full length dividers
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Grab handle quality is not the best
  • Clubs can be a bit difficult to put in and take out

This 5.5-pound golf bag has five separate handles that make it easy to lift it out of your car and onto your cart. The bag has two integrated sides and one integrated front grab handle, as well as a bottom handle strap and a rear grab handle. Transporting your luggage and clubs from your car to your cart is made easier with the single padded carry strap.

It includes an insulated cooler bag to keep your favorite on-course beverage cool, three front/ball/tee pockets, two long side expandable pockets for rain gear and shoes, two side velour-lined pockets with waterproof zippers for valuables, and an additional side pocket. The bag also includes an umbrella holder, a D clip for golf towels and range finders, a glove holder, and a rain hood.

With a robust pushcart integrated base that works with both riding and pushcarts, this golf cart bag is meant to last. The Slotted Base firmly secures your bag and clubs to your pushcart.

This bag contains a zipper pocket that fits a full bag and a club-length rain cover to keep your golf bag and clubs dry when strolling in the rain with a pushcart. A zip-off pocket panel allows you to personalize your bag with your name, club logo, or company emblem.

9. Callaway Golf Cart Bag

Callaway Golf Cart Bag
Image Source : Amazon
  • Features a 14-way arched top
  • Includes 5 front facing pockets
  • Comes with hook and loop attachment as well
  • Made with lightweight and durable ripstop fabric
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Build quality comes off as rather cheap
  • Number of pockets is not ideal for professional golfers

This Callaway Golf Bag comes with a waterproof zipper, umbrella holder, golf ball groove, towel and glove storage, and a rainproof cover. You can simply set what you need where you want it.

You can easily carry your items with a backpack-style shoulder strap. With side and bottom handles, shipping is a breeze. The tough material and all-around protection will withstand any wear and tear during shipment or use.

The 6 Way Organizational Top with Large Capacity provides plenty of room for your golf clubs. Tools like golf balls and tees can be stored in additional compartments at the top of the bag. To lift the golf club’s protective cover, integrated design, and all-around protection, all you have to do is gently push this cart bag.

It’s possible to go up to 51 inches in length for the clubs. The foot support remains open as needed, walking is as simple as standing. It’s also self-contained. It’s easy to carry and move thanks to the side handle, and the smooth wheel makes it even more easily portable.

10. Titleist Players 4 Carbon Stand

Titleist Players 4 Carbon Stand
Image Source : Amazon
  • Lightweight golf bag for men
  • Includes carb fiber legs
  • Made with a durable, ripstop material
  • Features a 4-way top cuff
  • Includes a tour-inspired rain hood as well
  • Not suited for competitive golf
  • Price seems a lot for the value

Because of the player-favorite 4-way top cuff, the Titleist Players 4 Carbon is one of the best golf bags for men. All you need is lightweight, durable rip-stop material to make your bag robust and long-lasting. And this bag offers you these features.

It is easy to move due to its ultra-lightweight construction. To help you manage your gear, it contains an exterior mesh water bottle and range finder sections. One of the supplied components is a Tour-Inspired Rain Hood.

Thanks to features like the exterior water bottle compartment, the Players 4 Carbon is the ideal bag for golfers who love lengthy treks.

Its legs are made of carbon fiber, which gives excellent strength and a low weight-to-weight ratio. The Players 4 Carbon Stand Bag features a straightforward design and weighs around 3 pounds.

Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Golf Bags for Men

Buying the best golf bag for men is not easy. This is because there are dozens of options available on the internet that you can go for.

With all these options available, it gets hard for you to choose a particular one. Most people find it hard to make a decision when it comes to choosing the best golf bag.

If you are going through the same struggle looking for the best golf bags for men, then this section is for you.

Here are some of the most important things you need to consider before buying the best golf bag for men:

Consider the Type of Golf Bag

Some of the most common golf bag types include stand golf bag, carry golf bag, cart bag, and hybrid bag. There are some other options available out there as well that you can check out.

You need to consider your usage requirement before buying a golf bag. Once you know exactly what you want, then you can look for the golf bags that help you meet your usage requirements.

Consider the Number of Pockets

The number of pockets matters as well when it comes to choosing a golf bag. Some inexpensive golf bags have fewer pockets and some high-end golf bags have a lot of pockets for all your stuff.

If you like to play golf for fun, you don’t need to buy an expensive golf bag with a lot of pockets. Professional golfers on the other hand need to get a bag with a lot of pockets for keeping their golfing gear properly organized.

Consider the Number of Dividers

Each golf bag comes with a specific number of dividers for keeping the clubs. Some feature a 4-way top, some have a 6-way top, and some go as far as to provide 14 or 15-way top dividers.

You need to consider the number of clubs that you have to carry with you. Based on your specific number, you can go with a golf bag as per your requirements.

Consider the Waterproof Features

Make sure to always buy a golf bag that is made with waterproof materials. You don’t want a golf bag that can’t protect your essential items against intense weather conditions such as rain or fast winds.

You should read the description of the product to ensure that it is waterproof. Waterproof golf bags are going to be a little bit expensive, but they are going to last for a long time for you.

Consider the Comfort

You need to get a lightweight golf bag with a comfortable shoulder strap. If the shoulder strap is padded, then that would be a plus point for you.

A bag that is easy to carry would make things a whole lot simpler for you. So, make sure to get a bag that you can carry around with you comfortably.

Consider the Price

You can get cheap quality golf bags at a low price, or high-quality golf bags that cost a lot of money. We recommend going for premium quality products as they offer you the best long-term value for your money.

Cheap golf bags break down easily and can end up costing way more money than a premium golf bag. So, we recommend thinking long-term and buying a golf bag that you know is going to last for a long time for you.


Who makes the best quality golf bag?

There are various brands that make quality golf bags that you can purchase. These include Titleist, Cobra, Founders Club, Callaway, and more.

Are hybrid golf bags worth it?

Hybrid golf bags are totally worth it as they offer 2 in 1 feature. You can carry them on your shoulders or set them up on a cart for carrying around on the golf course.

Why do pro golfers have huge bags?

Professional golfers tend to carry a large number of clubs and other essential golfing accessories with them. This is the primary reason why pro golfers generally have huge golf bags.


When it comes to buying the best golf bags for men, there are a lot of products out there that you can go for in 2022. If you don’t know where to start your search for the best golf bags, then this article is for you.

You can check out the best golf bags that we have talked about in this article. Most of these golf bags are best suited for men, while some of them have a unisex design. You can also check out our review for the best disc golf bags to find top-quality bags for disc golf.

If you have any questions regarding the products mentioned in this article, feel free to reach out to us. 


  • Belof Joza is a super passionate golf player and loves to review golf products. His keen interest and expertise over golf items has been helping online community for years. He is a full-time golf bags reviewer at Best Golf Bags and has been contributing his knowledge on regular basis.

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