Best Cheap Golf Bags Under $100 in 2022 – Affordable

Golf bags come in all kinds of price ranges. You can buy high-end golf bags from the market for professional purposes. Or you can get cheap golf bags to play the sport for fun.

We recommend the best cheap golf bags under 4heap golf bags under 4heap golf bags under $100 for people who are looking for affordable golf bags online.

It doesn’t make sense for beginners to invest in expensive golf bags because it is going to be a lot for their requirements. Investing in an affordable golf bag that helps you meet your golfing needs would be a great choice for people who are on a budget.

You can get affordable stand bags, and cart bags from the market. Some of the affordable golf bags are also waterproof. So, you can get waterproof golf bags from the market as well.

If you are looking for affordable golf bags and you want to get the best value for your money, then you are at the right place. In this article, we are going to share with you all you need to know about cheap golf bags under $100.

Best Cheap Golf Bags Under $100

1. Himal Golf Travel Bag

Himal Golf Travel Bag
Image Source : Amazon
  • Made with premium 600D heavy duty polyester oxford
  • Features an advanced smooth zipper design
  • Comes with a soft cushion and carrying handles
  • Offers a lot of space
  • The bag quality is remarkable
  • The padding is not enough
  • Wheels are not sturdy

This low-cost golf bag is composed of 600D heavy-duty polyester oxford, which is durable enough to preserve your clubs while traveling.

It has an advanced smooth zipper design that can be reused multiple times. Your walk will be more comfortable and convenient thanks to the high-quality wheels.

The golf bag features a comfy cushion as well as carrying handles. The velcro carrying handle comes in handy while carrying the golf bag on the shuttle or at the station. Extra gear can be stored in multiple zippered compartments. It offers extra storage on both sides for your towel, keys, shoes, and other items.

2. Lightweight Sunday Golf Bag with Strap and Stand

Lightweight Sunday Golf Bag with Strap and Stand
Image Source : Amazon
  • Includes 2 dividers
  • Comes with 2 pockets
  • Ideal for driving range
  • Comes with convenient carry handles
  • The kickstand is great
  • The bag feels a bit short

This lightweight Sunday stand carry bag weighs only 1.95 pounds and can comfortably hold up to 6-7 clubs. It is an ideal bag for a Sunday evening round or an executive course.

The inside of the Sunday Golf cart bag has a velour-lined valuables pocket for safe storage of your belongings such as your wallet, telephone, and keys.

Your Sunday Golf Bag fits easily into any trunk and is excellent for use at the driving range when you only want to carry 4-5 clubs to get some practice in instead of bringing a heavy golf bag. Your back and shoulders will appreciate it. For your convenience, Sunday Golf Bags have a built-in carry handle and strap.

3. Self-Control Lightweight Golf Bag with Stand & Strap

Self-Control Lightweight Golf Bag with Stand & Strap
Image Source : Amazon
  • Incudes 3 individual dividers
  • Comes with 5 pockets
  • Features an adjustable strap
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Available in many colors
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Bag is not spacious enough
  • The kickstand is quite weak

This golf stand carry bag is spacious and attractive, weighing 2.43 pounds and holding up to 6-7 clubs. This golf carry bag features side/front pockets for balls, divot tools, water bottles, umbrellas, and other items.

It has an extra sock bag for your shoes in addition to the golf bag. It is handy for you to just hang on the hook and have a pleasant journey. A golf carry bag with a rubber foot pipe bracket may effectively protect your feet from scratches due to these features it also can be a good hybrid golf bag.

On the ground, it can stand solidly and balanced, but on concrete, you’ll have to press down the ball bag a little harder. A top cover is included with this low-cost golf bag.

This bag is made of Aluminum Alloy Bracket, which is extremely durable and long-lasting. The abrasion resistance of the rubber and plastic material foundation is excellent.

It includes one sock bag that can be used to store shoes or other items. Simply fold it up and store it in a golf pocket when not in use. A three-sectioned top conveniently accommodates 6 or 7 golf clubs.

4. Champkey Lightweight Golf Stand Bag

Champkey Lightweight Golf Stand Bag
Image Source : Amazon
  • Includes 5 individual dividers
  • Comes with 5 pockets
  • The design is quite intuitive
  • Includes an advanced aluminum alloy bracket
  • Lightweight and sturdy build quality
  • The quality control could’ve been better
  • Feels a bit awkward to use in terms of design

This golf bag is lightweight and durable. It weighs around 2 lbs and features a 3-way top design. With this golf bag, you won’t have to worry about the safety of your valuables. It comes with 5 large pockets that keep all your essential golfing items safe.

This golf bag features an advanced aluminum alloy bracket that offers excellent durability and balance to this remarkable product. The compact design of this golf bag makes it an ideal choice for beginner golfers who want an affordable golf bag that they can use for playing golf.

This golf bag doesn’t have many different color options to choose from. Also, it is not as spacious as most of the products that you find out there. But still, it is well worth the money. You can get this golf bag if you want a durable quality yet affordable golf bag.

5. Orlimar Pitch and Putt Lightweight Stand/Carry Golf Bag

Orlimar Pitch and Putt Lightweight Stand/Carry Golf Bag
Image Source : Amazon
  • Features a 2-way top divider design
  • Lightweight stand and carry bag
  • Includes a large pocket for accessories
  • Available in many different colors
  • The kickstand is pretty great
  • The strap quality is subpar
  • The design feels poor

The carry handle on this golf bag is comfortable to wear over your shoulder. It has two dividers and an accessory pocket built-in. You won’t have to tote the bag around in your golf cart because it’s lightweight.

Many people who want to play a par three or executive course use this small golf bag. The Orlimar Pitch and Putt Lightweight Golf Bag is available in eight distinct colors and is competitively priced.

This golf bag is available in a variety of colors that you can choose from when looking for affordable golf bags. Along with that, the design is quite compact and extremely portable.

6. Jaffick Pitch Golf Bag Golf Club Bags

Jaffick Pitch Golf Bag Golf Club Bags
Image Source : Amazon
  • Includes 9 dividers
  • Made with polyurethane material
  • Comes with a removeable shoulder strap
  • Lightweight and portable golf bag
  • Great choice for casual golf
  • The bag feels too tall
  • A bit heavy

This golf bag is composed of high-quality, eco-friendly PU fabric that is exquisitely crafted, wear-resistant, and long-lasting. The golf shoulder bag is waterproof, so it won’t let any liquid in. Strengthen the inside to better protect your clubs.

The golf bag offers spacious storage space for clubs on the top, with two independent partitions that can comfortably store 9 golf clubs while preventing club collisions. Each iron and wood club has its own unique position, allowing you to instantly locate the club you require.

Design with a detachable shoulder strap: It is more convenient to have a removable design. The dispersal of pressure is aided by the broadening and thickening of the shoulder strap.

The golf bag’s modest size allows you to carry it comfortably. You do not need to bring the entire set every time. It is an excellent golf aid for you. The golf bag has a strong basis thanks to the high-hardness rubber base and sturdy bracket. It takes up relatively little room in the trunk of a camper or car and is ideal for travel. It’s simple to put it where you wish.

7. Murray Sporting Goods Golf Sunday Bag

Murray Sporting Goods Golf Sunday Bag
Image Source : Amazon
  • Features a single divider design
  • Includes 2 pockets
  • Lightweight and portable golf bag
  • Comes with a comfortable cushion shoulder strap
  • The design looks great
  • Not available in different colors
  • Not spacious enough

It’s a compact, lightweight golf bag that can hold 3 to 8 clubs. Make your travels to the driving range easier to manage by leaving your large, heavy cart bag at home and using this lightweight golf bag. This inexpensive golf bag is ideal for travel because it takes up very little space in your vehicle and can be folded up for easy storage when not in use.

The two side pockets on the golf Sunday bag can be used to carry any golf gear or personal stuff to the range. It also has a net pocket on top of one of the side pouches for storing a drink or other items you’d like to bring to the golf course with you.

It has a padded shoulder strap that makes taking it to the driving range or golf course more comfortable. This golf bag is ideal for young children who want to learn how to play the game. It’s ideal for beginners, intermediate men golfers, and seniors who only want to bring a few clubs to the range to improve their game.

8. Golf Lightweight Carry Bag Foldable Sunday Bag

Golf Lightweight Carry Bag Foldable Sunday Bag
Image Source : Amazon
  • Comes with 2 pockets
  • Includes a comfortable shoulder strap
  • Looks quite stylish
  • Can hold up to 7-10 clubs
  • Easy to carry
  • Available in a dozen different colors
  • The access to the clubs is not ideal

This Sunday bag has enough capacity for 7-10 clubs, as well as two pockets for balls, tees, divot tools, and everything else you might need. It is a small golf bag with vibrant color, waterproof and durable, easy to carry, and a different color bag to share with family and friends when traveling.

Only 0.99 pounds in weight, this golf bag is perfect for the driving range, the golf course, or traveling with a few clubs. You don’t have to lug around a bulky or overstuffed bag. It’s best for persons who are at least 5.25 feet tall.

The zippered golf carry bag has a padded shoulder strap and a handle for increased comfort and convenience. Folded in a neat manner. When not in use, it is soft. The bag is foldable and can be bestowed. It doesn’t take up a lot of room.

9. Partage Golf Bag

Partage Golf Bag
Image Source : Amazon
  • Affordable golf bag made with premium quality fabric
  • Multifunctional design
  • Made with wear-resistant material
  • Easy to carry
  • Comes with 1-year quality warranty
  • The design feels quite basic
  • Not ideal for pro golfers

The Partage golf travel bag is made of high-quality 600D polyester. It can prevent scuffs and abrasions on the bag. It has a thick padded cover that protects your golf clubs from the elements and noise from collisions while you’re playing.

It also has one pocket where you may store your shoes and golf equipment. It’s a universal size of 51 x 13 x 12.5 inches, so it’ll fit any golf stand bag.

There is plenty of room to store your clubs. It includes four-foot pads to help the bag stand more steadily. The bag’s bottom is comprised of hard-wearing material.

10. Tourbon Canvas Golf Club Bag

Tourbon Canvas Golf Club Bag
Image Source : Amazon
  • Includes 1 pocket
  • Comes with an adjustable and removable shoulder strap
  • Includes 5 tee holder
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Made with premium quality canvass and leather
  • The balance is not great

The canvas and leather used to make this Tourbon golf club storage organizer are of the highest quality. It has a removable and adjustable shoulder strap. This low-cost golf bag features a thick padded inside and a 5-tee holder. A golf accessory storage zipper pocket is included in this golf bag.

It can hold most golfing essentials, such as clubs, towels, and water glasses. It is composed of canvas leather and features a bottom handle. When you play golf, you won’t have to worry about not having a spot to hang it.

At the same time, shoulder straps and a capacious bag with a weatherproof cover are included to ensure your comfort while walking for lengthy periods of time.

11. Sklz Smash Bag Golf Bag

Sklz Smash Bag Golf Bag
Image Source : Amazon
  • Lightweight golf bag made with PVC and Nylon materials
  • Easy to carry golf bag
  • Comes in black color
  • Durable quality golf bag
  • Affordable price
  • Zipper quality is not great
  • The bag doesn’t hold up

The Smash Bag assists the golfer in feeling the proper impact with a perfect swing. With a high-quality impact trainer, you can learn to feel the correct ball impact for your swing. Hitting the Smash Bag reduces fat and thin golf shots, cures slices, and improves overall accuracy.

With the SKLZ Smash Bag, you can get a feel for the proper clubface impact. The Smash Bag is an excellent training tool for beginning and intermediate golfers, providing visual feedback on the quality and precision of impact.

The Smash Bag is made of heavy-duty, high-impact nylon that fills swiftly with towels or garments and is completely safe for both you and your clubs.

12. Amazon Basics Soft-Sided Golf Bag

Amazon Basics Soft-Sided Golf Bag
Image Source : Amazon
  • Soft-sided travel golf bag
  • Made with durable quality nylon fabric
  • Comes with smooth rolling wheels
  • Comes with compression straps
  • Features multiple zippered compartments
  • Doesn’t look like a standard golf bag
  • The bag is not well built

The Amazon Basics soft-sided golf travel bag is designed to tote a set of golf equipment in comfort. Made of tough nylon fabric with reinforced stress areas and the ability to stand on its own while holding a set of clubs.

Extra stuff can be stored in multiple zippered compartments that measure 50 by 13 by 15 inches these features makes it the best golf bag.

Inline skate-style wheels; heavy-duty curb rails; well-placed, riveted handles Clubs are held in place by compression straps, and the top piece is extensively padded to protect the clubheads.

13. K-Cliffs Driving Range Training Practice Golf Bag

K-Cliffs Driving Range Training Practice Golf Bag
Image Source : Amazon
  • Includes 2 pockets
  • Features newly improved shoulder straps
  • The shoulder strap is detachable
  • Comes with a fully padded rigid body
  • Made with lightweight and water-resistant material
  • The bag feels uncomfortable to carry

This golf bag has a redesigned shoulder strap with Shoulder Pad that prevents the metal buckle from digging into the shoulder. It has a new zipper direction, two side pockets, and a larger T slot on the glove pocket. This bag has a good amount of room and can easily store 6-7 clubs, including the driver.

A detachable shoulder strap, accessory zipper pocket with T holder, and fully padded rigid body with a detachable plastic tube are some of the additional features.

This low-cost golf bag is lightweight, made of water-resistant material, with a padded handle and a soft/foldable opening.

14. Ipow Golf Club Travel Bag

Ipow Golf Club Travel Bag
Image Source : Amazon
  • Includes 4 dividers
  • Made with water-resistant material to promote club protection
  • Features an extra-padded top
  • Offers enough space and multi-functional design
  • Features built-in wheels for easier transportation
  • The quality control is not great
  • Handle is not sturdy

This golf travel bag is composed of 1680D heavy-duty polyester oxford, which is a tough material that protects golf clubs while in transit. Inside, a three-sided padded soft cushion provides excellent protection for golf clubs, particularly the clubhead.

Carrying is also made easier and more comfortable thanks to the various straps and Velcro handles. Made to suit all regular-sized golf clubs and cart bags, measuring 55 x 14.5 x 11.8 inches. This golf bag cover can also store other devices. The additional divider bag on both sides can hold shoes, balls, and other golf equipment.

This inexpensive golf bag includes four wheels that make it simple to transport your golf equipment wherever you want to go, and you won’t have to worry about the bag’s weight. The golf bag is lightweight and compact, making it easy to keep in a closet.

15. Thinksea Hard-Bottom Standing Golf Club Travel Bag Case with Wheels

Thinksea Hard-Bottom Standing Golf Club Travel Bag Case with Wheels
Image Source : Amazon
  • Features 2 spacious pockets
  • Includes a hard bottom for enhanced balance
  • Made with premium quality polyester
  • Features high-quality wheels for easy movement
  • Comes with a lockable zipper
  • The bag is not spacious enough

This golf bag has a standard size with a lot of storage space. In this golf bag, most golf equipment and luggage storage can be accommodated. Your journey will be more comfortable and convenient thanks to the high-quality wheels on this golf bag.

Made of superior 1680D heavy-duty polyester oxford, this bag is robust enough to keep your golf clubs safe while on the road.

The high-quality wheels ensure a smooth ride and make it easy to transfer your golf clubs between airports and the course. It includes a pair of ties, as well as external and interior down straps, to keep clubs from moving around inside the bag.

All of your daily necessities are met with a lockable zipper and a front zip pocket. There’s plenty of room for your clubs, keys, shoes, and other essentials. Soft cushion and carrying handles are included in the golf bag travel case. With two carrying configurations, the handle is especially convenient for carrying the golf club travel bag to and from the airport or train station.

16. Janus Golf Travel Bags

Janus Golf Travel Bags
Image Source : Amazon
  • Multifunctional golf bag
  • Made with high-quality fabric
  • Features wheels for easy transportation
  • Comes in a classy black color
  • Can carry a lot of clubs
  • Not available in many different colors

This inexpensive golf bag has a universal dimension of 51.5*16.2*12 inches, as well as a golf bag storage rack for the garage that can accommodate your clubs and golf disc which can be also useful. It is designed to be multifunctional.

This golf club travel bag features pulleys, a wear-resistant and robust bottom, and retractable shoulder straps for shoulder golf travel covers. A pocket and a business card holder are included in the golf bag cover. It also has a storage compartment for your golf gear.

It is made of high-quality material. Premium 900D oxford fabric, waterproof coating layer, thick EPE layer, sturdy and wear-resistant bottom design, and greater protection of pricey clubs are all included.

17. Athletico Padded Golf Bag

Athletico Padded Golf Bag
Image Source : Amazon
  • Features a 5-way divider top
  • Fully padded bag for enhanced carrying comfort
  • The build quality is quite durable
  • The shoulder strap quality is great
  • Made with polyester materials
  • The fabric is quite thin
  • Not ideal for traveling

To protect your golf equipment, this golf travel bag has 5mm of padding throughout. This golf travel bag may be used on an airline, at the airport, or in the trunk of your car for increased protection.

The golf club carriers are made of 600D polyester and have a vinyl base to prevent scuffing and abrasions. Golf luggage can take a beating at the airport, thus its protection has been designed to withstand the abuse. It’s lightweight and comfortable to carry.

The carrying handles on this golf bag are cushioned and velcro-locking. A padded shoulder strap makes it even easier to carry the backpack through crowded areas.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Cheap Golf Bag

Cheap golf bags come in various shapes and sizes. Although most of these bags are not recommended for professional usage, they work just fine for occasional golfers.

If you can’t make a decision about buying a golf bag, then this section is for you. Here are a few things that you need to consider before buying the best cheap golf bags:

Consider the Brand

When buying a cheap golf bag, you need to go to a trusted brand that offers top-quality products. Going to these brands would ensure that you get a good quality golf bag that lasts for a long time for you. Buying from unknown brands always carries the risk of getting poor-quality golf bags.

Consider the Features

You need to consider the features that a bag has to offer. Some basic features you need to look for include the number of dividers, number of pockets, the fabric quality, and other features that a bag has to offer. The greater the number of features, the more would be the price of the golf bag.

Consider the Quality

Even though cheap golf bags don’t cost a lot of money, you shouldn’t compromise on the quality of the bag. You should get high-quality golf bags that don’t break down on you. And if you want premium-grade golf bags, you can look for high-end products that cost a lot of money.

Consider the Storage Space

Cheap golf bags don’t have enough storage space. Still, you can find certainly affordable golf bags that offer you large pockets for keeping your valuables such as your smartphone or other accessories. So, make sure to consider the storage space before finalizing a golf bag.

Consider the Durability

The durability of the golf bag matters a lot as well. Cheap golf bags are not known for their durability. But still, some of these products do last for a long time. Almost all of the best cheap golf bags that we have talked about in this article are great in terms of durability and long-lasting performance.


Buying a cheap golf bag is quite difficult because you can never be a 100% sure of the quality of the product. And with so many cheap golf bags available out there, things can get quite tough for you.

To make things easier, we have shared with you some of the top-rated golf bags that you can find out there. You can check out these golf bags and purchase any of them to have a great golfing experience.

And if you are looking for suggestions about buying cheap or high-end golf bags, then feel free to reach out to us.


  • Belof Joza is a super passionate golf player and loves to review golf products. His keen interest and expertise over golf items has been helping online community for years. He is a full-time golf bags reviewer at Best Golf Bags and has been contributing his knowledge on regular basis.

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